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Doug Welch

I welcome increased levels of tech and am very glad to hear that you will be there to help out. However, most of the areas you are going after have minimal impact on overall performance, except tires, when compared to the one area you left out, fuel.

For example, if a Tag racer did lighten his/her clutch, it would have minimal impact for they couldn’t get it to slip at a high enough rpm short of some how finding stronger springs. A lightened clutch will still be fully engaged by 6,000 (stock most are around 3,000 to 4,000) which is still well below the lowest rpm we will see at Bandimere.

Yet a few ounces of a special blend of fuel, like isopropalene(sp) aclcohol, will give an instant 10 to 20% increase in power in a legal engine. A slow leaking nitrous bottle in the air box will do the same thing. I have smelled the funny fuel many times and in several classes so I know its there. Its a health hazard to our racers and its way past time we did something about it.