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Having come from the SCCA I can tell you that to many choices(races) can be a problem. Right now the CSC has 7 races over 6 months with one drop if what I have read is true.

The Track is coming on line at some point. Im sure they would like at least one event but lets say they get 2.

CRE, Im not exactly sure what is going on between track owners but from what I have picked up on I doubt CRE will ever be on board…to bad fun track to drive.

So, with the Track on board you have 9 races over 6 months drop one your best 8 count. Nine race days over 6 months in my opinion is not to many races. Like I stated before I jumped from the SCCA regional level. Guys, we had 17 race days plus an event run with the IRL at PPIR
last year in 7 calender months but only 6 months time that’s 18 race days.
That is to many.

As far as temporary circuts go. Race cars have suspension to absorb bumps karts don’t. I wouldn’t want to be forced to run a temp circut for points. IMHO Steamboat is popular because of the town not the track. Let temp circuts be what they are..a great way to expose(sp) the public to our sport.

When we show up at a road course we know what to expect, when we show up at a temp circut what we see is what we get. It’s a gas to run in front of a crowd. But if the track has some unforseen big nasty in it I would’nt want to be forced to run it for points and risk bending parts. But I could always go out and run hard except for the one bad spot for the fans. That’s a nice choice to have.

As far os the tounge lashing Doug received IMO it probably shopuld have been done in private not on a public forum.

Looking forward to getting out and meeting you all at some point!!

Little Bill