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The little washers on top and underneath the spindle are all different sizes. Take them all off and make sure that both sides have equal washers top and bottom. ( I have fatest and thinest on the bottom and the other 2 on the top) It is also possible that the pills are screwed up. with all the pills on the ground face up the numbers should go clockwise on 2 and anticlockwise on the other 2. the clockwise pair go on the right side of the kart set them both to 2 (II) top and 2 (II) bottom this is the factory setup.

Don’t understand why a Maranello would have wildkart brakes, they come with Brembos (and who would want anything else!!)

We will be at Bandimere Sunday so you can check out our kart (number 08 red and blue with the crazy brits)

Don’t know about the weight with the shifter setup (Cr125) it was about 205 lbs havn’t weighed in with the Leopard yet.