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NO and I repeat, NO certified service center is going to seal a cheater motor, they simply have to much to lose.

You’re absolutely right! (Atleast I hope so) In addition to all the bad press that they would receive on forums like this, service centers that seal a “cheater” motor, or anything out of spec, will be charged a $4500 fine, and will never be able to purchase Rotax parts or engines again. (and obviously never seal one again) It’s not something that is taken lightly, and when service centers come out here to get trained, they realize how important this is to US Rotax. Not just anyone can be a Service Center, there is a whole list of requirements they must satisfy, and there is a lot more involved than most realize.

I hope this gives you guys a little more reassurance about the US Rotax Service Centers. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

See you in Vegas! :cheers: