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While I was not a witness to the IMI races, I heard what happened and I was at the GJMS CSC race and was able to observe Doug and Greg there.

I don’t believe that anyone is cheating. Greg has brought PRO level driving skills and Doug has brought PRO level tuning skills down to our amateur TAG level. That’s all. We can all learn from both of them. Their willingness to share their setups and whatnot are landmarks of their character. I know I learned a lot at Doug’s chassis tuning seminar that was held over the winter. And I bet I will learn a lot more with them racing TAG with all of us.

I believe in the ROTAX seal program. “The Seal is the Deal”. It insures that all recieve a fair DEAL when racing ROTAX motors. I don’t believe the integrity of the seal has been compromised.

So, if anyone really believes that Doug’s new SEALED motors are actually illegal, then speak up. I’ll trade motors with Doug, and Greg can race with my motor, and I’ll use Gregs. Now, remember that I basically come in last every time in Masters, so my motor must really suck. I’m betting that Greg will still be fast in my motor.

My Motor Details (for the record)
Purchased USED in October 2002 (unknown hours, from a ROTAX dealer, SEALED)
Raced 11 races last year and 5 this year.
Practiced on about every month of the year (even in the winter)
Was top end refreshed on June 25, 2003 by Acceleration Karting.
Motor Serial Number: 773127
Seal Serial Number: 112752

If you want to know why I am making this offer, it is because I believe in the SEALED motor concept. I believe in ROTAX. And I believe in our racers.