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I think that you are missing the point. Why promote karting in just Southern Colorado? Why not promote it in the entire State of Colorado? I think that if you ask the promoter of Speed Week and this race you will find that he is not only interested in Southern Colorado or the State of Colorado, but the entire country! That is what this sport needs. We need to promote the sport to the entire state. Then the entire country!

We have the opportunity with the local club races at all of the tracks, the CSC (with 150 + participants), the Colorado Springs National Grand Prix (this race we are discussing), and the race that Mr. Keesling has put together with the Denver Grand Prix people (at the Pepsi Center in August) to make Colorado into one of the Premier Karting centers in the Country. Hell, let’s make that North America! (Can I get an AMEN!)

The first step is to learn to play together in the sandbox. Those of us in the CSC come from all parts of the state and have formed a big family. Yes, it is sometimes a disfunctional family, but it is still a family. 😆

Let’s share the love this weekend and bring new converts to our addiction, karting! :cheers:

Drew Kunter
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