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The secret to going fast in any class is being smooth. No matter how fast or slow the vehicle you are racing the smoother the drive the faster the time.

All cars and karts are momentum vehicles. The faster you are coming out of a corner the faster you will be at the end of the straight entering the next corner. Horsepower may be able to cover for you if you make a mistake but not if the guy you’re chasing makes none.

The old saying slow in fast out is undoubtly the fast way around most any race track. It’s just with faster better handling equipment the slow in is relativly fast compared to a car or kart that doesn’t handle as well.

Even large point and shoot cars such as GT-1(trans am type cars) benifit from a driver that understands it’s not how fast you go in, it’s how fast you come out.

Of course it goes with out saying the faster and better handeling you race car/kart is the harder it is to balance the equation.

Little Bill