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Doug Welch

The rear of our kart was tore up pretty bad. We lost a wheel, axle, tire, side pod, and a rad mount. Greg saw the trouble outside and went inside and made a clean pass only to have Perme come down on him and take his kart apart. We were just a victim in the whole thing. Its a shame, Greg had a good run going. Since he started dead last in the main, his run up through the field was fun to watch. He got as high as 4th before the handling went away and the motor got soft. It just ate too much IMI dust!

To give you an idea how close the field was, I was looking at the fast times for the main event. .7 of a second covered the first 12 karts! For several guys, only thousands of a second was the difference. All of them were running low to mid 52 second range. Fast lap went to Lee Bradford on lap 12. Good job Lee. There is still life in the old moto yet! :cheers: