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Angie MacEwen


Sometimes I hesitate before posting anything… it seems emotions are hard to put into words, and oftentimes the message seems to come across much harsher than intended :sun:

I agree with you on this Mini Max issue. Sorry if I was not clear. On race day, I saw the problem coming as soon as the practices started – Even before the drivers’ meeting, I spoke with Stacey and Doug Welch on the issue to try to head it off, to no avail. Stacey said the Mini Maxes are running, give them points or don’t, but they are running as part of the Junior 1 class. Doug pretty much agreed with that, and suggested we give them points, too. Everyone seemed to get on with the race day, so I just let it lie until we got home… at which point I talked with both Brad Linkus and JB Olmstead. They clarified what we all know, which is that the Mini Max is not an approved motor for the Junior 1 class, and therefore will not be recognized in the series.

What I meant about Stacey saying all along that the Mini Max would be running at his track goes back to January, where he posted this….
Regardless the Mini Max will be running at Grand Junction Motor Speedway weather it is a stand alone class or in the Jr 1. If the Briggs drivers choose not to run against it that will be their choice.

and this…
there are 3 over here with 2 more in the next 60 days. I can only commit that 2 will do the CSC series, Sabre’ my daughter and Christian Bird. I think it would be really easy to run them with the Jr 1 and score them seperatley if there is at least 3 or see how they compare and then make the decision weather to include or not include them. Just my thoughts…

On a personal note, I have nothing against the Mini Max, I just don’t think their place is with the menagerie of motors that we already have in the Junior 1 class. The other motors have been closely evaluated, and pretty much put through the wringer in order to get the rules dialed in, so tossing another motor in and expecting everyone to deal with it, is just not good.

Like you, I really appreciate the efforts of Stacey and his group over there. It was a great weekend, and I have no complaints. I really enjoy working with Stacey, his family, and the rest of the GJMS gang – I hope they don’t take this personal! Heck we were even going to have Cole drive a Mini Max while there, just to check it out!! ( Thanks for the offer Stacey!)

You know, we sold our Animals – done with the Junior 1 scene!!

see you