CKT Announces Rotax Awards

The Colorado Karting Tour is proud to announce awards for series champions and championship leaders through a continued partnership with Rotax Karting.

In 2018, CKT honored several outstanding drivers from the Colorado region by providing them with the opportunity to compete at the national level by attending the U.S. Open at Pitt Race Complex. Several drivers seized on the opportunity, placing well in their respective categories, all powered by Rotax engines. The Colorado Karting Tour is excited to offer further opportunities and incentives for racers in these categories again this season.

For the current season, CKT and Rotax Karting will continue this partnership by honoring race entries to the 2019 Stars and Stripes Rotax Grand Finals to series champions from the 2018 Colorado Karting Tour in categories that utilize Rotax engines. In addition, leaders of their respective championship categories with CKT at the halfway point of the season (which has been reached at the time of writing) will also receive a $1,000 voucher good for their entry into the event, set to take place from August 02 to 04 at the Pitt Racing Complex in Wampum, PA.

Those honored with these incentives will include the 2018 Colorado Karting Tour season champions in Rotax-powered categories:

Micro Max – Archer Eversman

Mini Max – Rye Myers

Junior Rotax – Macy Williams

Rotax Senior – Seth Axelson

Rotax Masters – Aaron Miller

Additionally, those leading their respective championship following Round 04 of the 2019 Colorado Karting Tour will be recognized:

Micro Max – Gage Korn

Mini Max – Alex McPherson-Wiman

Junior Rotax – Liam Letzsch

Rotax Senior – Seth Axelson

Rotax Masters – Brian Hoffman

For more information on the Rotax Stars and Stripes Grand Finals, The Colorado Karting Tour, or CKT’s continued partnership and incentives with Rotax Karting, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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